Monday, September 04, 2006

Did You Know... ?

Do u know Saifullah? or by his friends name Saif ? He is the only one who had sat in GCSE exam when he was in grade 6 . He sat only in accounting and got B. what an intelligence?. It was beleived that his achivement was a national record. he is currently studying at grade 9 of Majeedhiyya school. He is planning to fly Australia for higher studies soon. i wish him all the best and lucks.

The youngest Atoll chief in Maldivian history is Mr Abdullah Khaleel Bageechage. he is master holder in Economy. he graduated from International islamic university malaysia. He is planning to do his PHD soon. Currently he is the atoll chief for AA. atoll.

The old mosque in Nilandhoo is the second or 3rd mosque built in Maldives. It was built by king Mohamed bin Abdullah who visited Nilandhoo in order to order them to enter Islam. It was believed that Nilanduans worship male genital organ in thier early days. some beleives its a rumour. No one knows the real truth behind it.

The only one from nilandhoo who studied in Emirates is Mr Ibrahim Ahmed Bidhdhoshuge. he did history in Emirates University and currently working at depertment of Examination. He is also member of Faaf atoll for Special majlis. He is going to fly EGYPT to do his master degree at cairo university, EGYPT.

Do u know the building where F. atoll store is running was used once as Nilandhoo school. Due to opening of FAEC in 1986 the building then used a place to watch movies and to play games.Later it used to run a Preschool.


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