Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mr Abdulla Jameel : The New Atoll Chief

The President appointed Mr. Abdulla Jameel as the Atoll Chief of North Nilandhe Atoll on 25th May 2006. Mr Jameel took his oath of office before the president at the president’s office. The oath of office was administered by the Chief Justice Sh. Mohamed Rasheed Ibrahim.

The New Atoll chief Mr Jameel had been worked as an assistant principal of Faaf. Atoll Education Center located in capital Nilandhoo for past 3 years. He was appointed to this Post after 7 months from resignation of former atoll chief.Thelast atoll chief was Mr Zakariyya Hameed who had been remained in the post for nearly 10 years.

Nilandhoo.blogspot.com warmly welcomes him in this opportunity and wishes him a bright future and new development in islander’s life during his days.


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